Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mystery Tree

This is a picture of my shadow taking a picture of this tree in the hotel parking lot in Florida. REALLY! I hope I was standing next to a bush because my shadow looks a bit overly "hippy".

I have never seen a tree like this before and I have no clue at all what kind of tree it is. If anyone can identify it for me, I'd really appreciate it. I just HAD to take a picture of it just in case any of my southern friends could enlighten me.


Kathy said...

Hi Bette, It looks like a magnolia tree! My neighbor had a huge one, I loved the enormous blossoms in the spring!
Maybe Cecilia or Kit can confirm this! Our Southern Belles!
PS Very good shadow pic!

JackDaddy said...

I think it's a magnolia tree as well. Beautiful until you have to start picking up the leaves!

Madi and Mom said...

Yes'mam it is a Magnolia for sure we have them all over Raleigh. Gee
Bette you've found two new trees in the South...crepe myrtle and Magnolia. JackDaddy is right they are messy as are the crepe myrtles.
If you are smart you plant one of these in the middle of a natural area...HA!! Madi and Mom

Ms. ~K said...

Well Shuga,
That's a Magnolia Tree and we love them dearly here in the South!
But the prettiest sight for me this time of year is a crepe myrtle tree dripping w/ Spanish Moss, like you see in Sav'h!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

that is a hamburger tree and we would like some of those juicy patties please!!!