Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The cutlet that refused to be Cordon Bleu

Gizzysmom did a silly thing tonight and ended up saying a lot of bad words.  She thawed out 2 Purdue individually wrapped chicken breasts to make Cordon Bleu for supper.  Supper's gonna be late though because we have to quick thaw one more breast.  This is what we have so far ... one lonely cutlet.

When Gizzysmom opened the package, she opened it over the sink.  Big mistake!  BIG MISTAKE!  As soon as she got that package open and pulled out the cutlet, that sneaky chicken wiggled right out of her hand and guess where it went?  Right down this hole is where!  RIGHT DOWN.  Whoosh, it was GONE!  Then Gizzysmom turned on the Grrrrrrinder to get it out of the pipe and wash it away.

OH BOY!  You've maybe never heard such words.  The air turned so blue, Pawpa came running from the other room.  Pawpa said she should've let him try to retrieve it and then what she said was "EWWWWW!". In the end, Gizzysmom had Pawpa get another one out of the freezer and she quickly thawed it out so they could finally eat.  This is how it looked when it was ... FINALLY ... done.