Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still "tweaking"

I figured while I was "taking a break", I would attempt a redesign of my format. The one I'd used before just wasn't a good fit for the new background. Other than that, we've been hanging around trying to get our "mojo" back. We've felt kinda like this. You know ... kinda flat!

It may be a lost cause. Advancing age and a natural tendency toward laziness has combined to render me .. apathetic. Tomorrow, I will be back as interesting photo opportunities (or not) have presented themselves and we've been taking some pictures.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This New Background

The background that I was using was my all time favorite. I was advised that I have to change the code on it before Friday when it becomes "unavailable". Unfortunately I can't get into their website to do that. So...I'm testing out various backgrounds to see if I like any of them as much as my "other" one.

Someone of you may look at the changes and say "what the heck?". I don't blame you. I've said much worse. (I don't adapt to change well. "Kicking and screaming" may be an appropriate description.) Please be patient.

PS : Now you see it! Now you don't! Now sure what's going on. If all you see is navy & green, I have no idea why. The new background just disappeared! And then it came back .... What's next??

A funny thing happened ...

... on our way back to the blog

The typist is still lying around...or maybe it's lying around again. My typist .. my only typist .. is Mom and she's still feeling .. um .. ICKY! (Or maybe it's feeling ICKY again.) Now she has bronchitis. More pills. More lying around doing nothing but coughin' and wheezin' and most 'specially not doing my typing or taking pictures for our blog.

We miss you and we'll be back .. just not as quick as we hoped.

Grrrs from Gizzy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Temps Dropped. Mom too...

We'll be back soon! We would have been back sooner but "something" bit Mom on the back of her leg. (No, it WASN'T me.) Mom says it was a spider but the Doctor Man disagreed. (NO bite pictures will be posted.)

Doctor Man said: "Tick Bite"!
Mom said: "That big red spot doesn't look like a "bullseye" to me.

Doctor Man replied: "you can't see back there".

Guess who won. Not Mom!

Mom had to take 2 nasty pills every day for 10 days to prevent Lyme Disease "just in case". I have to tell you......those pills were no friend to Mom. She was queasy every day and had to lie still most of the time. The flashy box was left in the knitting basket under the window and the battery got deaded. Now that the pills are finished, she is starting to feel better but she just needs a little more "down" time.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Time on the Hill

It's 104 in our backyard.
We are all .. Momma, Pawpa, and Gizzy .. staying in.
Staying in .. with the A/C's blowing cool air all around.

Too bad we can't swim here..

Be back in a few days when we have new pictures.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tail of two grills....

Pawpa brought home a new grill for the patio today.

I think Mom made him do it. We already had THIS grill (below) but there was a lot of talk (and a few bad words) about black beady eyes and skinny tails and poop and fluffy stuff. All I know is that I, the Gizmeister, had nothing to do with it despite the reference to the black beady eyes and poop.


This is what Mom saw when she opened the old grill. EEEEEK!

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's a mystery to me

Last year the power company took down a lot of scraggly junipers that had grown up along the road. The trimming let in more light and these flowers popped up where nothing could ever grow before. I've never seen this flower before and have no idea what it could be.

Thank You Ms.~K for identifying this as Spotted Wintergreen.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Crash! Bang! Boom! Part Deux

Hey Chippy ... why's this on the ground?
Did the bear come by AGAIN?

Nah! Rocky Raccoon climbed up on it around 2:00 am. He was a bit too .. um .. well fed and it fell over. Made such a racket the 2-leggers were at the windows shining lights out here to see what the heck it was.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

She is the stingiest woman I know...

I tell you ... the woman I live with may be a lost cause. Oh sure, she makes sure Pawpa's plate is full of good things to eat but she is extremely neglectful when it comes to catering to MY needs. She KNOWS that 1/2 of the chicken (or salmon) on her plate belongs to ME, ME, ME .... and yet she makes me WAIT until she has eaten her fill before she parts with the tiniest of smidgens. Sometimes ... and I can hardly utter these words ... she eats all of it herself. You cannot believe how long I have to wait for a pizza crust. I would tell Pawpa to evict her but then we'd have no one to cook for us.

Friday, July 2, 2010

This is ...

"Mr. Chair"

He sat here alone ... all afternoon ... waiting for Mom.
She was too busy to visit with him.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It was just "the first one" not "the only one"

The rest of the blooms have changed now.