Monday, August 24, 2009

Flowers from the Bridge

Here is some more flowers from the that bridge Pawpa took Mom to a couple weeks ago. It's been very hot and sticky here. Me and Mom been holed up in the kitchen where that thing in the window blows cold air around. All the other doors are closed and Mom says it 's better that way. I opened the folding door once to investigate a noise in the other room and Mom made me come right back in there. It's OK though, cuz I'm close to the water bowl and I can bang my food dish whenever I want and nobody can say they can't HEAR me do it cuz they are RIGHT THERE.

(Watch out .. there's a stingy thing on that flower in the middle picture!)
Note from Gizzy's Mom: It is not a hardship to be locked in the kitchen except for the dish banging. We have a sitting area in there with comfy chairs and an ottoman for my feet.



Hi Gizzy,

Thanx for sharing those beautiful pictures! And who cares where you are if you are by your mommy's side, right?

Riley and Star.

countryliving said...

Beautiful pics.......
You need central air........., but I guess some air is better than no air!

Madi and Mom said...

Giz great pictures. Be sure not to sniff any flowers with stingy things on them. We don't want to read that your gorgeous little black nose is swollen. Lovely flowers.
Sounds like Connecticut is 'enjoying' Dixie weather.
Madi and Mom

Gloria said...

Oh so pretty. Tell Mom Thanks. And watch out for those stingers Giz.

Ms. ~K said...

B, These pictures are amazing, especially the yellow one!
At least the rain has kept everything from wilting.

Gloria said...

I am beyond overjoyed also! hehe Just had to come back to see the pretty fleurs again, and your page changed!!! VERY NICE!!!!

avagdro said...

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