Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chipmunk Cheeks

I think I've learned why I still have some cherry tomatoes on the vine. The tomato thief has instead been dining on the plethora of acorns in the yard. When I stepped out the front door last night to take the tomato pictures, I was surprised to see a chipmunk on the flat rock by the decorative grindstone. It's a rare day that I am actually ready to take a picture when something like this occurs. Look at that plump cheek! (Just click on the pictures to see how full his cheeks are)

I shifted my position several times. The diner did not. I'll bet it was wondering where it was going to stash its future meal because he just seemed unaware that I was there. As I creeped around a bush to the walk with my camera ready, the acorn eater was peeping over the grindstone at me.


Gloria said...

That is just adorable! You are lucky to have gotten these pics. I always loved watching chipmunks!

Dory and the Mama said...

What awesome pictures!!!

Ms. ~K said...

We just got caught up on all your posts from this week..
This chipmunk is adorable and what great photos!

JackDaddy said...

That puppy sure does like to eat!!

Madi and Mom said...

Poor little guys cheeks are nearly as big as his body....where, may I ask, was Gizzy during all of this?
HA!! Great picture
Madi and Mom

countryliving said...

Great photo shot!!!

Kathy said...

So funny! You caught him with the full cheeks, and he's trying to hide!
Too bad the acorns didn't start falling sooner, so that you could harvest the tomatoes before he did!


Luv this! Thanks so much for sharing.

Riley and Star.