Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello Deer

Crows are big gossips. If they see you, they will tell everyone where you are and where you're going. If you listen close enough, you'll know where too. I listened and look who I found. Hello Deer!

It stopped raining long enough to take a walk thru the woods yesterday. I may have been in the woods but she wasn't. She was next door at the feeder. (Now that I've figured out "close-up", I'll need to work on the correct setting for shooting
in the woods with little light.)


Ms. ~K said...

Good shot...
Would she like some hostas for dessert?

Kathy said...

Deer must eat the darndest things! Why bird seed?! I thought they were grazers, but I've seen them eat tree bark. This pic came out pretty good considering how shady it was!

Anonymous said...

Morning Bette,
You are on my list for morning viewing!!! Great picture of the deer nearly in your backyard. You can almost count the spots on the back.
Lots of rain in Dixie today over 3" already flash flooding all over the city.

Anonymous said...

At least you got the picture of the deer! I didn't even have a camera with me when the fawn ran out of my flower bed.
Good job Bette!!!