Sunday, June 7, 2009

Giz has asked me to pass along an important message. As much as he would like to respond to Tank's "all paws bulletin" by volunteering for the Whack-A-Squirrel mission, he will be unable to join the ever expanding army (also known as "tankskapades" in the Huckleberry Hill household). He worries that Pawpa would be unable to sleep at night without warm Lhasa fur to keep him warm. After all, Giz stated that he has heard Pawpa say that Mrs. Pawpa steals the covers and leaves his flanks out in the cold. (Let it be noted that Mrs. Pawpa loudly proclaimed her innocence.)

Furthermore, he (Gizzy, not Pawpa) is NOT allowed out of the yard unescorted. Windows are firmly closed as insurance against unsanctioned walk-abouts since 2004 when a previously pristine window screen was found gnawed in the carport and the offender was returned by a friendly neighbor . (How dumb is a box of rocks anyhow?)

The red fox is keeping those pesky squirrels pretty much on the run here in the back yard and Giz has told him to keep up the good work.


the TN Bull Terrors said...

We're sure it will be ok, Pawpa's need proteckin from them squirrels too, so you ARE doin a job!

Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

Ms. ~K said...

Your mission at home is as important as any...
Carry On Giz!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Ditto to Vicki's comment this is funny!!! I'll talk to you tomorrow from the halls of higher education.