Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Perfect Home Accessory

Or Not ....

The water company is looking for our water connection in the back of the house so they can connect us to the new water main in the front of the house.  The guys have a few days off for an extended Thanksgiving weekend.  They'll be back bright and early Monday morning (7:30AM) to resume digging.  (Guess we won't be sleeping late Monday.)

Happy Thanksgiving! 


Gloria said...

Oh my! Thats sure is gonna be a mess! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

Kathy said...

I bet Gizzy doesn't want to venture out there with that big machinery lurking in HIS yard!

I bet you will be so happy when the water is flowing like it should be!!

Ms. ~K said...

Happy Monday! Is that oxymoronic?
Hoping this will all be a bad memory soon!!!!

Madi and Mom said...

MOL Gizzy and Mom...doesn't every home have one of those in their back is the ultimate yard worker.
Hugs Madi

chelle said...

Can they leave that there for your use during the winter? It'd be a GREAT snow plow! LOL