Monday, October 18, 2010

The Sweater Tree

Pawpa had wanted to cut down this holly tree in the front of the house but decided not to do it because the other holly trees looked like "female" trees and in order to get holly berries, one tree must be male.

Today Mom was glad he didn't cut it down because she AFTER she got her sweaters back from the cleaners, she had to air them out.  She has fragrance allergies and could not wear her sweaters because "they stunk" bad.  Either someone handling them wore way too much cologne or they added some new kind of fragrance to the cleaning process.  In any event, they spent the day hanging from the holly tree.


Madi and Mom said... you also have a money tree in your backyard? MOL

Great idea to air out the nasty cleaners smell. Mom hates that too.
As you know, mom has those too.
Just last week the Fragrance Free dryer towels were BOGO at the grocery store. Dad came home with 6 boxes with 80 in them= 480 dryer towels. Mom said she was set for life. MOL

countryliving said...

Redneck clothesline. Love it.
I even stopped using dryer sheets. Thought I'd notice a difference, but don't.
(I won't post a pic of my sweaters, you'd think they were tents.)

Gloria said...

Never can tell what you may need a tree for lol.

Kathy said...

Too bad they don't have "fresh air" scents after clothes have been to the cleaners, instead of those obnoxious fumes!

Good thing Pawpa spared that holly tree! I hope the fumes are gone now!

Christine said...

One male tree for all those female trees. This sounds like discrimination to me or... one lucky tree.

Anonymous said...

Giz, tell your mama thank you for me. She gave me a great idea for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that about the holly trees, but Love your redneck clothes line and leave to Ninny to get a goolish