Friday, August 27, 2010

I wish I were …..

An Oscar Mayer Wiener!

When Pawpa and Mom were driving down the road a couple days ago, they saw a yellow and orange vehicle driving past them.

license plate

Mom was very disappointed that she didn’t have her camera with her as it was VERY peculiar looking. It was the Wienermobile.


She looked on the internet to see where it had been and discovered it would be in one more CT location on Thursday. She asked Pawpa if he would take her there so she could get some pictures. Isn’t it cute?



MISTAYA said...

Good pictures of that weird looking thing. Can you eat it? Does it taste good? It sure looks tasty!! Hugs and Wags,Mistaya

chelle said...

I've only seen it a couple of times going down the road...and it is one weird mobile...but FUN!!!

Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener
That is what I truly want to bee-ee-ee, cause if I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener, everyone would be in love with me!

Gloria said...

That sure is one big hot dog!

Anonymous said...

WOW...Never seen it in person, sure is interesting :)

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my hot dogs now that was a great big surprise...absolutely the last thing I expected to see.
One thing for sure it is colorful and it makes me hungry for a dog, but not a Giz dog,
Hugs Madi and Mom

countryliving said...

Oh man, you got to see the Weiner Mobile!!! How fun was that.
Very cool surprise B.
Did you get to drive it? lol

Ms. ~K said...

I'd like mine with ketchup and relish please....

JackDaddy said...

Last year it crashed into a house!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know those things were still around! I saw one twenty years ago!


Kathy said...

Very cool that you got to see the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile in CT!!!

Now you got us all singing the song..."I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weiner, 'cause everybody would be in love with me!"...:)