Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hard To Please

Last summer I was moaning that my hydrangea bush had NO flowers. This year, I have plenty of flowers.

Why is that I am now moaning because of the 4 hydrangea bushes I once had .. the one bush that survived bad winters and roofers gone wild .. is the one whose blooms I liked the least?

I ask myself, am I the kind of person who is "difficult" and hard to please? The kind of person who always wants what they don't have. My flowers ARE nice.

And yet .. and yet .. at night, when I sleep, I plan hydrangea heists in my dreams where I liberate the bush with the large blooms up the road in the vacant lot.

*roofers gone wild: My favorite plant was close to the back of the house, in a pot, waiting to be replanted after we moved from our old house. When we got a new roof, the roofers threw the old shingles off the roof to the ground. The peony survived the deluge. The hydrangea didn't.


JackDaddy said...

Trust me - the minute you 'borrow' that plant from the vacant lot, it will die dead as a doornail on you.

Plants are evil that way! )

Kathy said...

Oh no, not the hydrangeas! I love their big pom pom flower clusters!

I would have made the roofers replace the plants they killed if they wanted their check!! UGGG

If it's in a vacant lot, then who will notice! After all, nobody is there to water it!

Your accessory in crime,

countryliving said...


JackDaddy is funny. But true.

Madi and Mom said...

Morning Giz and Mom...what a funny post....well pretty and funny. That is one lovely green plant about to bloom like crazy. Too sad the roofers were not more careful....
Keep taking all those beautiful pictures of your plants and flowers.
Our hydrangeas here are about bloomed out.
Madi and Mom

Anonymous said...

I say go for the plant up the road!!! what ya got to loose....

Ms. ~K said...

You know what I would do!
(Where's my shovel?)